The Experience


What is 5-D? How much is a theater ticket?

 A 5-D experience features two short 3-D movies along with AMAZING seat motion and theater effects like wind, fog, mist, lightning, snow and bubbles!  We have 3 showings per hour – Amazing Adventure, Amazing Speed and Amazing Journey. The content varies for each showing so that we can make sure each experience is an AMAZING one. You’ll love it!  

Adults - $9

Children (12 and under)- $7

Senior (55+)/ Military- $8

Deluxe Glasses Upgrade- $2 (plus tax)

Amazing Adventure

Explore the land, sea and air - or even experience a time warp through space!  These, and other adventures await you in our Amazing Adventure 5D experience category. Features MODERATE motion, theater effects and adventure-based themes.

Amazing Speed

Buckle up for some of the highest velocity roller coaster action ever! You've never been on a roller coaster quite like this.  Scream down the tracks through a variety of bind blowing, heart pounding settings. Just watch out for the BROKEN TRACKS, DEAD-ENDS, SNAKES, GATORS and SPIDERS!  Our Amazing Speed category features EXTREME motion, theater effects and thrill ride-based themes. 

Amazing Journey

Everyone loves a good story!  Our Amazing Journey category is perfect for guests of all ages. Enjoy heart-warming light and fun stories, complete with MODERATE motion and theater effects.

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