The Experience


What is 5D?

 A 5D experience features two short 3D movies along with AMAZING seat motion and theater effects like wind, fog, mist, lightning, snow and bubbles!  We have 3 showings per hour – Amazing Adventure, Amazing Speed and Amazing Journey. The content varies for each showing so that we can make sure each experience is an AMAZING one. You’ll love it!  

Amazing Adventure

Explore the land, sea and air - or even experience a time warp through space!  These, and other adventures await you in our Amazing Adventure 5D experience category. Features MODERATE motion, theater effects and adventure-based themes.

Amazing Speed

Buckle up for some of the highest velocity roller coaster action ever! You've never been on a roller coaster quite like this.  Scream down the tracks through a variety of bind blowing, heart pounding settings. Just watch out for the BROKEN TRACKS, DEAD-ENDS, SNAKES, GATORS and SPIDERS!  Our Amazing Speed category features EXTREME motion, theater effects and thrill ride-based themes. 

Amazing Journey

Everyone loves a good story!  Our Amazing Journey category is perfect for guests of all ages. Enjoy heart-warming light and fun stories, complete with MODERATE motion and theater effects.

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